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Passing the Baton

CCLASP (Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Advice & Support for Parents) has been providing assistance for families facing childhood cancer for over 25 years. Through a range of programs and services, CCLASP has provided transport, emotional support, financial assistance, and practical resources to help families cope with the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of childhood cancer. In recent years CCLASP was proud to fulfil their long term ambition of building “The Howat Hub” - a purpose built drop-in centre, across the road from the new Edinburgh Children’s Hospital, through support from The Howat Foundation. 


The CCLASP board have decided it is now time to wind up their charity, and have begun to prepare for the process of transferring assets (subject to approval by OSCR), including the Hub, to like-minded charity, LoveOliver. 


LoveOliver has been a steadfast advocate for children with cancer and their families. LoveOliver is passionate about raising awareness, funding research, and providing direct support to families. Since the start of 2022 LoveOliver has become an integral part of The Howat Hub. From starting out running the Hub cafe to leading a team of four charities to maximise what the Hub can do, LoveOliver have brought professionalism, stability, energy and enthusiasm to the Hub. By passing the baton to LoveOliver, CCLASP is confident their legacy is in safe hands as LoveOliver continue to offer a wide range of services based at The Howat Hub.


CCLASP would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the charity over the years and contributed to the charity's many services, successes and achievements.

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