Our mission

To provide practical and emotional support to families affected by childhood cancer and to help to raise smiles during such difficult times.

We help children and teenagers suffering from cancer or leukaemia in Scotland. We also help diagnosed families and bereaved families express and share with each other the feelings, anxieties, and horror of having a child with a life-threatening illness and provide practical and emotional support.

Cancer and leukaemia are the cruellest of illnesses, striking indiscriminately and without warning. CCLASP supports families across Scotland through this trauma and turmoil with a vast array of emotional and practical support and we understand through personal experience just what it feels like. Today alone, another eleven children in the UK will hear the devastating news that they have a life-threatening disease. Life changes for children and their families when they have to go through such tough treatment and we strive to be there for them to make special memories and wishes come true.

We provide specialist and tailored support to families across Scotland as we understand that finding out that your child has a long term or incurable illness is distressing, frightening, and confusing and children are often robbed of their ‘normal’ childhoods whilst undertaking invasive treatment.

We understand that childhood cancer and leukaemia not only affects the lives of children and young people but touches parents, siblings, and the broader family. Normal life stops when you receive the devastating news that your child has cancer and we try to limit the consequences this can have financially, emotionally, and practically.