How CCLASP began

CCLASP was set up by Valerie and Bill Simpson after their own son, Robert, was diagnosed with AML adult leukaemia at six years old. Being told their youngest child had a 30% chance of survival was devastating and changed their lives completely.

Once he made a full recovery, after years of gruelling treatment, Valerie and Bill vowed to dedicate the rest of their lives helping others through their own experience and decided to set up the charity.

Based in Edinburgh, CCLASP was born in 1994 and has gone on to support hundreds of families across Scotland providing countless holidays, transport, events, and support to families whose child or relative is going through treatment for cancer or leukaemia. This was the vision for CCLASP and still remains so today with the help of a great team who work tirelessly to make the charity a success.

After such a tough start in life, Robert Simpson now lives healthily and is married with twins. Megan, his wife, dedicates her time working for CCLASP and is reminded through her husband of just how important their work is.


Our centre

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from The Howat Foundation, our dreams of expanding CCLASP and providing a purpose-build centre has become a reality. Our new home is located next to the new Sick Kids hospital in Little France, Edinburgh.

A taste of what we do

CCLASP, its story and the thought and care that goes into everything CCLASP offers families affected by cancer