What we do

What we do

At CCLASP we strive to raise a smile for the families we look after. By providing non-stop support and care we bring light and hope when days seem dark and allow memories to be made. Personal experience allows us to understand the emotional turmoil of having a child with a life-threatening illness and we promise to provide help to make the emotional and practical journey that tiny bit easier.

Family Support
CCLASP provide specialist and tailored support to families across Scotland as we understand from personal experience that finding out that your child has a long term or incurable illness is distressing, frightening, and confusing. Childhood cancer and leukaemia not only affects the lives of children and young people but touches parents, siblings, and the broader family.  Children are often robbed of their ‘normal’ childhoods whilst undertaking invasive treatment. Normal life stops.

At CCLASP we try to limit the consequences this can have financially, emotionally, and practically.


The events we plan throughout the year are aimed at bringing families together and creating special moments and memories. We believe that having events and activities planned gives everyone something to look forward to and take their mind of treatment for a while. We pride ourselves on putting lots of thought and detail into our events to ensure everyone leaves with a smile of their face – seeing lots of happy children and parents gives us so much joy and inspiration to keep doing what we do.

We love watching families connect and have fun together and enabling children to make new friends along the way.

Our transport service is available five days a week and we collect families straight from their home, taking them to the front door of the hospital wards, and then dropping them back home again once they’re ready. We never take children on their own and will always make sure that a parent or relative accompanies the child in the minibus.

This service is free for the families we look after and we strive to help everyone that requires transport.

Holidays and Trips

We have a cottage in Muthill that we offer to families throughout the year to enjoy. Our holiday accommodation is free of charge to use and we offer available slots to all families and try to be fair with everyone so that they have a chance to enjoy.

As well as holidays we provide group trips away aimed at both children and teenagers e.g. trips to Bournemouth, Flamingoland, and Butlins, outings to football matches, pamper days, concerts, and shopping trips.


Play & DistractionTherapy
CCLASP is proud to sponsor a Buzzy for each child requiring treatment at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh and Glasgow as a form of distraction therapy.