When your child is ill and frightened to go for treatment the last thing that you want to worry about as a parent or relative is how to get to the hospital. We provide a special transport service in our two minibuses that have been custom adapted to allow for wheelchairs and easy access getting in and out and with children in mind. Our newest bus is also complete with a TV/DVD for entertainment on the journey, small fridge for refreshments, and tinted windows to allow privacy. Bill who runs the service tries to make sure those travelling are as comfortable as possible and is always on hand to provide jokes, funny stories, and sometimes handing out toys to cheer the children up which can also help to calm parents down too.

Our transport service is available five days a week and we collect families straight from their home, taking them to the front door of the hospital wards, and then dropping them back home again once they’re ready. We never take children on their own and will always make sure that a parent or relative accompanies the child in the minibus. This service is free for the families we look after and we strive to help everyone that requires transport. To find out more and enquire how you can arrange transport for your child, please click the button below.